Featured Products

ITW Dynatec S Series
Adhesive Supply Unit

The next generation Dynamelt S defines a new standard of innovation in the industry. With intuitive controls and a modular design that make it simple to install, operate and maintain, the Dynamelt S is the go-to choice for manufacturers worldwide. Unique design and performance features set it apart from the competition, minimizing downtime and offering greater flexibility. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Dynatec family of equipment for maximum efficiency and performance, this virtually "invisible" system will remain in sight but out of mind in your facility.

Simplified access and maintenance procedures make replacing modular electronics, filters and pumps quick and easy.

Intuitive, easy to read display is repositionable to front or side of unit and shows all system parameters at a glance.

Consumes up to 20% less energy and significantly less air than similar competitive units, reducing operating costs.

New Nano ceramic hopper coating is 5 times more durable than competitive PTFE coatings to withstand wear.

Standard features include 7-Day Scheduler and adhesive level sensor to simplify daily operation.


Flo-Direct Complete Thermal
Exchange Gas-Fired Water Heater

Armstrong Flo-Direct Complete Thermal Exchange Gas-Fired Water Heaters offer a complete range of high efficiency, compact, all-stainless steel water heaters which are remarkable dependable, simple in design and operation, and suitable for a wide variety of hot-water applications.

With standard operating capacities between 1 million and 15 million BTU per hour and customized systems up to 25 million BTU per hour, Flo-Direct often deliver fuel savings as high as 30-60% when compared to steam/water heating systems.

With a small footprint, 99.7% or greater heat transfer efficiencies, remarkable dependability, ease of maintenance and the ability to operate well with poor water quality. Armstrong Flo-Direct Complete Thermal Exchange Gas-Fired Water Heaters are the product of choice for companies seeking to achieve Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) and Reduced Carbon Footprint objectives.


DeVilbiss Compact Series
Automatic Spray Gun

The DeVilbiss Compact Series Gun is a revolutionary automatic spray gun with a long working life, even in your toughest conditions. Using all the latest advances in atomization technology, the Compact Series gun will provide users with a unique product that reduces overall costs.

The Compact Automatic gun is available in two different configurations:

The Compact Automatic I series gun features standard gun bar mounting with all fluid and air connections located directly on the gun body itself.

The Compact Automatic X series gun features a seperate fluid manifold for all fluid and air connections, thereby making gun change-out as simple as the flip of a lever. This greatly reduces downtime when the need arises to change guns.

Both guns are available in a wide range of Air Caps in HVLP, Trans-Tech and Conventional technologies, feature removable stainless steel spray head for fast and easy maintenance, and utilize stainless steel wetted parts for use with both waterborne & solvent based materials.

Precise control of spray performance and fluid flow is made simple with the inception of the indexing fluid adjustment knob (18 indexing positions).

The Compact Automatic guns have independent fan, atomizing and triggering air � vital for robotic and automatic spray machine applications, and also feature an Indexing Air Cap for consistent reproduction of spray pattern