Industrial Suppliers
GRAFT-PELLE: Serving Industrial Customers in the Region Since 1920.

GRAFT-PELLE CO., Inc. is an industrial distributor founded on October 15, 1920, by Eugene Graft and Henry Pelle, each of whom had many years of practical experience in the industrial supply field. The Company was to become one of the most successful industrial supply businesses in the Southern Indiana and Kentucky areas.

We supply businesses in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana areas, primarily manufacturers, Government, chemical companies, institutions, and individual consumers.

The success of Graft-Pelle rests on a tripod of employee duration and experience, excellent customer service, and superior product lines.

Employees are not alone in staying with Graft-Pelle through the years. There are dozens of original customers who have continued to use the products and services of our Company since the beginning.

Graft-Pelle has always handled top-line products and has maintained good relationships with many of our original suppliers, a few to mention: Armstrong Machine Works, 1922, Columbus McKinnon Corporation, 1928, The DeVilbiss (ITW) Company, 1929, Milford Products Corporation, 1950, 3M, 1932, and Graco, Inc., 1981.

Graft-Pelle has been recognized by many of these major suppliers for superior achievements.

We also repair and service equipment. Through our Technical Sales and Service Division, we are able to design, train, and troubleshoot turn-key systems.

Our philosophy, VALUE ADDED SERVICE, and quality products have been the big factors in our success, and Graft-Pelle will always strive to maintain this niche in order to keep at the forefront of the industrial distribution business.